Galerie Mezzanin

HEAD Gallery Prize, awarded by Galerie Mezzanin
Marie Bette, Pneumate

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From below, all she sees are its chops embellished with a row of gold teeth. Oversized, it occupies all the space. Its plastic-like skin diffuses a low intensity fluorescent light. It crawls to lie near the girl who takes care of it. The mice stare wide-eyed at the scene. With both hands the girl tries to lift its heavy lips ; mauve-gummed, folded monster. The jaw resists opening. She pulls harder. She slides her fist between the fangs, extends her arm and drops the pill. It awakens its body. It shivers, convulses and contract itself. The panic-stricken mice let out piping cries. The monster’s neck lashes the walls of the room that is too small to contain the awaken beast. Its throat swells and, in a coughing fit it kicks out a viscous rubber ball. The ball bounces releasing fine black droplets and after one last bounce, sprawls on the ground and melts due to the heat irradiating from within. The puddle shrinks like anything that’s drying out. Thence a small and swift being emerges, naked and surprised. It has large protruding eyes. It skedaddles. The girl pounces to catch it. She is barefoot and runs fast. The maggot passes between her legs, she trips yet manages to keep her balance. It rushes towards the mouse hole. The mice confront it and make fun of it. The girl stomps the ground with both feet. The maggot coils up her calf. She shakes her leg, it falls off. She lays down her foot again and again and cavorts with her teeth and fists clenched Then with a swift blow of her heel, BANG, the maggot is crushed. Now a tiny tarry spot between her toes. She shivers, her eyes bulge and her hair stand on end. She looks at her foot, now with a tyre sole.

Sarah Holveck

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